Gregory PT

About the Practitioner

Greg Rakowski

Gregory Rakowski is a licensed Physical Therapist in New York State. The salient difference between others in the field and Gregory is the magnitude of his personal skill, extensive training, and experience with complicated Orthopedic issues.

Gregory graduated from Columbia University and continues his education with over fifty continuing education courses. He held the Low Back Specialist position at the then Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

He has been an Adjunct at The Physical Therapy program at Columbia University, where he trained graduate students in spine care and advanced Orthopedic techniques for over twenty years. Gregory has been, and still is, an enthusiastic learner and educator whose primary goal is the facilitation of the most efficacious care possible.

Gregory utilizes many methods of manual intervention, plus physical exercise/stabilization and neuromuscular re-education. His most valued techniques are those acquired from Michigan State University’s Osteopathic Medical College with renowned practitioner Philip Greenman, DO. From there Gregory advanced his skills with effective but gentle manual treatment styles in addition to Cranio-Sacral techniques for TMJ and headaches. Gregory has further advanced his skills utilizing Peripheral Nerve and Cranial Nerve mobilization and a dedicated Frozen Shoulder technique. He also pays close attention to the autonomic nervous system via Visceral (organ) mobilization.

The common denominator in care given by Gregory is an advanced, experienced approach to any orthopedic or sports problem concerning the spine or extremities. Most importantly, Gregory is, in sum, a caring and dedicated practitioner.

Email:     Phone: 914-282-2559